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JHRS Interior & Exterior Accessory Kits

Over the years of building classic hot rods with the Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop signature style, we’ve determined that every detail counts. Our accessories allow you to add lasting beauty to your ride from headlight bars to taillights and almost everywhere in between.

Hot Rod Hole Shot Shifter
Our Hot Rod Hole Shot shifter is machined from solid 304 investment cast stainless steel, polished to a brilliant luster. The modern vintage design places the shift knob right at arms reach from modern 5 or 6 speed transmissions. Drilled to fit most Tremec, Long, and Hurst shifter applications. Shifter comes with 5/16-18 threaded stud to accept our polish shift knob or other standard shift knobs. Shifter measures 10.695" in length.
part # option material finish price cart
200-001 stainless 304 SS polished $139
1932 Ford Taillight Kits and Individual Parts
Johnson's Hot Rod Shop has redesigned the 1932 Ford Taillight assemblies to create a virtually seamless bezel to taillight bucket to stand fit. The taillight bezels, buckets, and stands are manufactured from investment cast 304 stainless steel polished to perfection. The taillight assembly comes complete with wiring and LED composite lenses for great visibility. The taillight assembly is designed to fit stock '32 Ford glass lens, as well as interchange with stock '32 Ford taillight buckets and stands. The taillight kits are available in standard or short stand heights with or without license plate mount. The taillight assemblies are available in full ready to wire up and bolt-on kits or as individual taillight buckets and stands.
part # option material finish price cart
204-009 full kit, short 304 SS polished $389
204-010 full kit, short with license plate mount/frame 304 SS polished $479
204-011 full kit, long 304 SS polished $389
204-012 full kit, long with license plate mount/frame 304 SS polished $479
204-005 stand only, left, short 304 SS polished $99
204-006 stand only, right, short 304 SS polished $99
204-007 stand only, left, standard height 304 SS polished $99
204-008 stand only, right, standard height 304 SS polished $99
204-003 taillight bucket assembly 304 SS polished $139
204-004 taillight bucket assembly with tag light for all plates 304 SS polished $159
204-001 taillight stand license plate frame 304 SS polished $85
204-002 taillight stand license plate mount plate 304 SS polished $129
Fuel Cap Assembly
Our quick release fuel cap assembly is designed to give a retro look with the reliability of a modern piece. Cap features vintage race car style double-lever T-handle latch makes positive no-spill seal. Made from investment cast stainless steel 304 stainless, fully polished and will look great for years to come. The cap comes standard with a 4" diameter base and 1.75" hose fitting.
part # option material finish price cart
210-001 ready to install 304 SS polished $268
Throw Back License Plate Frame
Add the finishing touch to your hot rod. Our fully polished license plate frames are made from investment cast 304 stainless steel. The plate frames feature an integrated hidden LED lighting. Three styles to choose from 30's era plate lighted, modern plate lighted, and modern plate no light.
part # option material finish price cart
208-001 lighted, fits 30's era license plates (tag opening on backside of frame: 13.527w x 5.527) 304 SS polished $149
208-002 lighted, fits modern license plates 304 SS polished $129
208-003 fits modern plates, no light 304 SS polished $85
Modern Vintage Steering Wheel
Take control of the road with our Modern Vintage 16" steering wheel. The wheel features high-strength molded composite outer ring with built in comfortable finger notches. The base structure of the steering wheel is show polished cast investment 304 stainless steel leaf spring spokes. Direct bolt-on for 3-bolt and GM type column applications. Steering wheel comes complete with molded composite center/horn cap. GM hub adapter sold separately. Machined aluminum 4" steering column drop available in machined or fully polished. 
part # option material finish price cart
209-001 steering wheel multiple components polished $449
209-003 GM steering column adapter 6061 aluminum machine $119
209-004 steering column drop 6061 aluminum machine $275
209-005 steering column drop 6061 aluminum polished $375
Hot Rod Hole Shot Brake and Clutch Pedals
part # option material finish price cart
200-002 brake and clutch pedal kit 304 SS polished $TBD
200-003 brake pedal 304 SS polished $TBD
200-004 clutch pedal 304 SS polished $TBD
Nostalgic Air Cleaner
Our nostalgic air cleaner is designed to be the centerpiece under your hood. Comes complete with air cleaner shell, mesh, filter element and base. The shell is fiberglass with gelcoat finish. The mesh inserts are stainless steel and the base is cast aluminum. Will fit most standard carburetors, but call if you have questions. Dimensions: 21.5˝ length, 12.25˝ width, 6.675˝ height (can be shortened up to 1.75˝)
part # option material finish price cart
206-001 Fiberglass, cast aluminum base gel coat $349
6V Optima Battery Mounts
Gain more space in your hot rod by using two 6 Volt Optima Batteries taking up half the space of a regular battery. Split the sides in a coupe or roadster or mount behind the seat in sedan or coupe applications. Other mounting locations are possible. Mounts Machined from 6061 Aluminum, mounts are sold in pairs.
part # option material finish price cart
210-003 6061 aluminum machine $290
Hot Rod Hole Shot Shifter Knob
Polished Investment Cast 304 Stainless Steel Hot Rod Hole Shot Shifter Knob mounts by 5/16-18 threaded stud into shift lever hole. 
part # option material finish price cart
200-22P 304 SS polished $49