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The largest automotive aftermarket show in the world occurs every year in Las Vegas
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Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas Convention Center

Since 1993, one of the keys to the number of cutting edge hot rods rolling through our shop is the attention we pay to technology and hot rod trends, while staying grounded to our roots of traditional hot rodding. We are known throughout this industry for creating innovative one-of-a-kind rolling pieces of automotive art. These cars all have style and are beautiful to look at – yet still have the power and performance to keep you excited to get behind the wheel. To find out more about creating your dream car, call us at 256-492-5989 or click here.

As part of the process of producing custom roadsters, we design and machine one-off parts for our custom cars. As those cars have won awards all across the country and been driven hundreds of thousands of miles, we received countless requests to buy those parts. We now offer a wide selection of custom-designed and manufactured hot rod parts that you can include in your build. Call us for more information.