Custom Chassis

On a road-worthy streetrod, nothing is more important than the chassis. A well designed, well-built frame provides thousands of miles of comfortable cruising.

What’s more, there are an endless combination of brake, suspension, bracing, rear end, transmission and motor choices. Many frame shops want to sell you an off-the-shelf solution, trying to make your rod fit their production needs. Don’t settle.

Here at Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop, we realize that the rod you want is the rod you want, and we have the experience to deliver.

We’ve built dozens of customized street rod frames on our state-of-the-art frame jig.

We can deliver a raw frame from a standard kit, with the modifications, bracing and brackets that you need, or we can help you choose from the leading component manufacturers to build a complete rolling chassis, with or without the block installed.

So, if you want independent suspension at all four corners, with a ‘vette’ box, we can make it work. Or maybe you want to go vintage, with a quick-change out back and hairpins up front. We’ve done that, too. You’ll get your rod, your way, guided by our considerable experience.

Of course, we can also mount bodies, or oversee a complete, out-the-door project. Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop is in the business of turning our client’s rides into reality. We can do it for you, too!

We welcome serious inquiries for street rod frame fabrication. Please contact Shane Phillips at 256-492-5989 to begin the review process that will lead to the ride of your life!